Why I started this

Why I Started This?

Well I realised at the age of 32, I FUCKING LOVE AUSTRALIA!

Greeting from the land down under. The best show on earth. This is a picture of me at Bondi Beach, I didn’t actually get to put my feet in the Bondi sand until I was 29, even though I lived just up the road (here comes theĀ Aussie slang!) and it was great. Why is this relevant, well it’s mainly the reason I started this project. To see more of my backyard. There are so many great places in Australia but I just wasn’t getting to them. So hence my motivation. This site is about showing you, tempting you to come over or get away from the screens in our lives and have an experience.


Other Reasons Thomas Hussell – Secret Places – Tourism Australia – Oprah Show – Too Polished –

I talk pretty crass (a tourism place in Australia offered a lucrative bunch of money if I made it politically correct and amended all the mistakes and crass language – it would be nice – but fuck that, this is for fun, don’t change for anyone) (unless they offer $1 million dollars!)

Me Picture in Bondi finishing a call about to put my toes in the sand and have a swim. It was a great day =]