Australia and Texas are similar

Why is Australia is so similar to Texas in a cultural term?

I’ve always considered the guys in Texas, QLD 4385, were into having a beer, a snag and playing footie like most other Australians. So I’d say we in the rest of Australia are culturally identical to the guys in Texas, QLD because we are all Australians!

Texas, Queensland – Wikipedia

Possibly the questioner is refering to Texas, USA.

I think it was the former Australian cattleman originally from Texas, USA, Jack Miller Fletcher, that used to loudly proclaim “The Australian outback is the only place on earth where a Texan [from the USA] can learn what big really means!”

Big honour for Texan cattle pioneer

I’d suggest that if there is anything culturally comparable between Oz people, & people from Texas, USA it would be an appreciation of big spaces.

A comment from who I presume to be a USA Texan that I really liked…

“…much bigger than Texas [USA], though, is Australia. We’re basically just a random smattering of outback to them”.

Apart from the appreciation of distance, I don’t think there is any commonality between people in Texas, USA & Oz. For instance…

Oz people tend to be more relaxed about things that don’t matter…

Australian v Texan barbecue – everything you wish you knew
The majority of Oz guys are not into West Coast Swing, Line Dancing or Country music (Tamworth & a few other distant localities are an exception).
Oz guys have no need to carry or own a gun, except occasionally down on the farm to hunt ferals.

Texas gunman escaped mental hospital in 2012
Oz guys aren’t particularly religious. In the 2016 census, 30% of the population identified as having no religion.

2016 Census: Religion

Texas’ Transformation Into a Christian Theocracy
As a nation founded on Christian principles, Oz guys take the idea “Love your neighbour more than yourself” to heart, and so ensure that people are paid honestly with a liveable wage (according to location), have affordable & universal access to health services, education & a welfare safety net.
Oz guys aren’t particularly political. We like our politicians to keep to the centre. As a general rule extreme right wing groups & religionists have little representation. Governments that shift too far left or right of the middle always get shafted at the next election.

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas
Most Oz guys believe abortion is a private affair and none of their business.

Meet the ‘Abolitionists,’ the Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Group at the Texas Lege
Oz guys just before Christmas 2017 voted to allow same sex marriage. Oz guys as a rule hold that its none of their business what goes on behind closed doors, and everybody should be treated fairly.

In Texas: ‘It’s an all-out assault on LGBT people’
Oz guys rarely protest about anything, let alone engage in violent protests or threaten police doing their job with fire arms.

Details Emerge On Violent Protest Near Austin Capitol
I could go on endlessly, but I won’t. Honestly, I can’t think of anything significant that Oz & Texas, USA has culturally in common.

I can think of a few less significant things we have culturely in common like wear clothes, wear shoes, eat food, sleep for about 8 hours, get married & have kids (though in Oz the order might be reversed), borrow to pay off the family home & a variety of other mundane things.

I’m sure within Texas, USA, there are some really nice, down-to-earth people who’d readily assimulate into Oz society, but Texas, USA & Oz have divergent histories & populations and therefore cultures…

Of course, Oz has a few nut jobs who might readily assimulate into the cuture of Texas, USA…

If you think about it, there are many interesting similarities between the nation of Australia and Texas (USA). For example…

Vast size: Both places are known for their “wide empty spaces”.
Australia is crossed by 16,000 miles of railroad. Texas, 14,000.
Australia’s highest point, 9,006′. Texas, 8,749′.
Both places have temperate climate in the east, desert in the west.
Similar population: Australia, 21.3 million. Texas, 23.9 million.
Largest city: Sydney, 4.3 million; Houston, 5.6 million (metro).
Sydney and Houston are both located in the southeast.
Similar racial makeup: Vast majority is Caucasian in both places.
Native people: Aborigines, 2% of pop. Native Americans, 1% of pop.
Gross Domestic Product: Australia, $1.05 trillion. Texas, $1.09 trillion.
Both places produce large amounts of crude oil.
The western areas are known for ranching, cowboys, and frontier life;
Australia has 26 million head of cattle, Texas has 16 million.

Of course I could always list the various differences in the two places, too. But I’ve been having more fun discovering the eerie similarities of these two locations on opposite sides of the globe. Are there other people who are intrigued by this?